The Flux Games director has clearly stated that the Xbox Series S will last a long time.


The Flux Games director has clearly stated that the Xbox Series S will last a long time.

The creator of Cobra Kai 2: Dojos Rising is also Flux Gaming’s game director, and he’s made his position clear in the face of the controversy that typically occurs with the Xbox Series S. This version of the Microsoft console We all know it’s no more powerful than its big brother, the Xbox Series X. It doesn’t prevent you from standing in front of a great machine Many players were speechless because of that great performance.

Paulo Luis Santos has an opinion on all this and despite his low power, Xbox Series S has plenty of potential to last long. Something that will keep you from being left behind in this new generation of consoles. Thanks to an interview he gave to Gamingbolt, we know this.

Xbox Series S still has a lot to say

we are many people hallucinating great performance and behavior A person who has given birth to a large number of small children in the family. For gamers who prefer to go for something cheaper and smaller instead of seeking maximum graphics power, this console is just perfect.

We know that customers who buy the Series S won’t have the same specs as the Series X, and we generally think that’s fine, so that’s fine. That said, the Series S should last a long time, but with these technologies evolving so quickly it’s hard to know exactly how long that life cycle will last.

Despite our divided opinions, it’s clear that the Xbox Series S is a great console, capable, and what it offers us. Fun for all generationsIt seems that the girl doesn’t want to be left behind and still has a lot to say, and Paul agrees.

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