Riot Games pays tribute to Philippine history and culture



October is Filipino-American History Month, commemorating the first arrival of Filipinos in Morro Bay, California, USA in the late 16th century. Under the leadership of Filipinos at Riot (FAR), a resource group for rioters in and around the Philippines, a series of activities honoring the Philippine cultural heritage. This year’s theme is “Sama Sama,” which means “all together” in Tagalog. After two years of virtual conferences, we held an event in person again, so it’s the most appropriate subject!

The Filipino community is the second largest Asian American community in the United States and the third largest ethnic group in California. Filipinos make up a large part of the United States, but there are many who are unaware of their achievements and culture. His achievements opened up throughout history by working with the Filipino community to solve this problem I would like to pay tribute to the door. Our mission at Riot is to build a large community of players aligned with the Filipino culture where a sense of community is essential.

Riot reaches out to Filipino players

Filipino-American history may be celebrated this month, but this tribute to Filipino culture naturally begins in the Philippines. We recently announced some big changes for players in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. For the first time in the region, Riot will be in charge of publishing its own game, ending his decade-plus collaboration with Garena. See this article for more information on player impact.

As part of this major transformation, Riot will open an office in Manila, Philippines. There, Riot will connect directly with Filipino gamers, tailor gaming experiences to local audiences, and ensure that passionate Filipino gamers and Southeast Asia enjoy our games. and maximize your product.

Mix cultures at the night market

With Filipino American History Month coinciding with Latin American Heritage Month, Riot Unidos teamed up with Filipinos at Riot (FAR) to host a night market for Rioters at our Los Angeles office. The celebration was filled with delicious Latin American and Filipino dishes such as pupusas de. vchos Or from Shanghai-style lumpia (Filipino rolls) big boyThe event provided an opportunity for Rioters to come together and provide an evening of new experiences for music, food and learning about these two great cultures.


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