Rambo Free Game of the Week on the Epic Games Store.These are the following two


As always, welcome free video games every Thursday afternoon. Epic Games StoreSo, starting today at 5pm, you can now add two new titles to Epic Games’ digital library for PC. Rambo world Drone Racing League SimulatorIn addition, two main titles for the same promotion next week have been decided! rising hell world Slaine: Return from HellThis is a unique opportunity to continue expanding our collection of compatible titles through Fortnite’s creator platform.

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So, this week we have two new video games available from the Epic Games Store’s massive catalog.The first – and best known – of them was Ramboa frenetic party game-style platformer 13:00 game Featuring the largest number of competitive modes 9 playerslocal and online, and a huge single-player adventure to overcome over 140 levels.

Rambo Free Game of the Week on the Epic Games Store.These are the following two

The second free title available is Drone Racing League Simulator, as its name suggests, is a title that invites you to control all kinds of drones in the most realistic flight simulator. DRL Sim offers consistent immersive environments and high intensity drone racing. It includes tracks where DRL drivers compete in the real world, with more added each season.

To get both games, visit their respective product pages on the Epic Games Store and Add to Library You only have until 5pm next Thursday to receive your free digital copy.

Rambo among the free games on the Epic Games Store of the week.These are the following two

Meanwhile, the next two free games in the regular Epic Games promotion are: rising hella roguelite vertical platformer, and Slaine: Return from Hellan action platformer in the purest classic style.

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