Mediaset Games Launches Video Game Based on Movie ‘Tadeo Jones 3’, Already Reaches 2 Million Viewers in Spain


  • The third official video game from the Mediaset España label, which specializes in creating licensed works for film and television, is a 3D action game set in the adventures of a popular archaeologist.

  • Co-created with PlayStation®Spain and developed by Gamera Nest, ‘Tadeo Jones. The Emerald Tablet’ will be available for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5 and PC on November 16th, and coming soon to Nintendo Switch Editions will be available in physical format through Selecta Play.

  • Tadeo Jones 3. The Emerald Table, produced by Telecinco Cinema, is Spain’s most-watched animated film and is the second highest-grossing animated film in Spain after being No. 1 for 5 weeks and Top 5 for 8 weeks. Spanish animated film.

The new adventures of Tadeo Jones and friends is already the most-watched Spanish animated film of the year. Next Wednesday November 16th The big screen that new audiences can experience on digital devices Official Video Game Launch of ‘Tadeo Jones 3. The Emerald Table’is produced by Mediaset Games in collaboration with PlayStation® Spain through the PlayStation® Talents initiative and developed by Gamera Nest studio.

“Tadeo Jones. The Emerald Tablet.” The title of this new video game is One third of the seals created by Mediaset Spain Use of digital entertainment content by producing 100% original work in connection with film and television licenses.east 3D action gameFramed the gender of platformthis Set in a new adventure inhabited by the movie’s favorite archaeologist and it takes you on a trip Iconic scenarios for Mexico, USA, Egypt and France With the help of his inseparable Sarah, he manages to break the curse that affected his friends Mummy, Jeff, and Belzoni.

video games available in PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 through the PlayStation Store computer Immediately on Steam switchThere is also an edition in physical formatis now available for pre-order at major fulfillment centers through Selecta Play.

David Sands BergianoDirector of Digital Strategy and OTT at Mediaset Spain, emphasizes: “From Mediaset Games, we have nothing but gratitude for the formidable support and time invested by Telecinco Cinema, character creator and franchise director Enrique Gato. It is the culmination of many months of work at both PlayStation Spain and Mediaset Spain. For Mediaset Games, this is also the end of the adventure in the world of video games. The label is looking at new opportunities to adapt both TV content and original stories. ..

Video game presentation held today at Lightbox Academy, headquarters of the animation studio that produced the film Telecinco CinemaIkiru Films and Anangu Grup provide a roundtable discussion with the directors of “Tadeo Jones 3. The Emerald Table”, Henry Catand Mediaset España Video Game Coordinator, Gustavo Maeso.

the cat recognized it “It was a very cool experience. My participation was from a bird’s eye view from above, with the aim of making it a product consistent with the world of Tadeo Jones, which fits within the family genre and is consistent with the universe of the saga.” We ended up with a video game that was inspired by the characters and settings in the movie, but it complements them and lets you experience situations that don’t happen in the movies.”.

Maeso assured us that: ‘Tadeo Jones. The Emerald Table’ is a 100% national development trying to speak for the whole world. To make it available for download in countries that don’t have access to it, we needed to create a very fun and family-friendly game for the audience that dominates the platform: children.Hybrid 2D and 3D video games , with open and semi-open levels that allow free action on Tadeo, but also with classic 2D charm when it comes to recreating scenarios.”.

An epic journey through Veracruz, Cairo, Chicago and Paris in search of the Emerald Tablet

Join Tadeo Jones on a new adventure to find the Emerald Table and save his friends from a terrible curse. This is the challenge that the saga’s new video game presents to players. explore directing the main character of the film Mayan ruins Veracruznearby egyptian pyramids Cairouniversity Chicago and some of the most iconic enclaves Paris.

In these scenarios, we face wonderful adversity, platform, puzzle world puzzle organize and solve, hide it Lost relics and iconic archaeologist brushes Gather.epic journey various levels family, a lot nod to the movie And it’s funny Comic style cinematics.

This time Tadeo messed it up. With the Olmec Excavation, you have unleashed a power that threatens the entire world. As a result of this disaster, his friends Mummy, Jeff and Belzoni, became victims of an evil spell from 1000 years ago. Finding the Emerald His Tablet is the only thing that can break the curse…and at the same time lead Tadeo to fame as an archaeologist. But before they succeed, Tadeo and Sara follow the lead of the eccentric Victoria Her Moon and her spy, explore vast lands, overcome complex obstacles, solve mysteries, and discover countless adventures. A precious relic must be destroyed. Did you say Tadeo and Sara? Well, perhaps there are some amazing new additions to the team: Mexico, Chicago, Paris and Egypt, where Tadeo and his friends get the emerald his tablet and “leave the liver” to get everything back to normal This is the scenario I need.

‘Tadeo Jones 3. The Emerald Table’ follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and has already reached nearly 2 million viewers

The video game created by Mediaset Games is the result of an adaptation of ‘Tadeo Jones 3. The Emerald Table’, the third part of the most successful animated saga of Spanish cinema, reaching after 11 weeks on Billboard. 2 million viewers and accumulate Over €11.4 million in collectionsProduced by Telecinco Cinema and directed by Enrique Gato, the film 5 weeks at number one Eight weeks in the top five and ten weeks in the top ten at the Spanish box office. Most viewed Spanish animated films of the year It is the second highest-grossing Spanish film. Among all premieres in 2022, it occupies the seventh position, including international productions.

Like its two predecessors, this film Outstanding International Tour so far in premiere 37 regions in Europe, America, Africa and Asiawill be added soon Australia and New Zealand, among other countries.the movie is number one in france 6 days, Historic monuments He has not achieved a Spanish film in the last ten years. Moreover, when he landed it was the most watched film turkey world Panamatook second place in ; England -stayed in the top 10 for up to 3 weeks-, Mexico, Peru world Ecuadorthe third of ; South Africa, Brazil world Columbia; and the fourth Argentina world Chile.

Mediaset España has been part of the video game industry for over a decade

Mediaset España has been in the video game sector for over ten years, developing licenses jointly with Spanish studios and major publishers. Hands of PlayStation® Talents. A game of “Taddeo Jones” as a Mediaset game. The Emerald Table”, and two of his other licenses linked to the group’s film titles, “Way Down” and “Malna Zidos”. In addition to these movie titles, Mediaset España also creates video games from television formats such as ‘Get Up All Stars’ and ‘Deportes Cuatro’.


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