Google Play Games for PC shows signs of life


The invention develops much more slowly than originally implied, but almost a year after it was announced, Google Play Games for PC We have taken another step in the expected direction.

If you don’t remember, double check. Google Play Games for PC is the project of the internet giant whose name says it all, but it’s worth a brief introduction and clarification.yes this is about A huge catalog of Android games on your PCalthough PC means only Windows, at least for now.

Perhaps the most distinguishing element of this Google Play game for PC is the underlying technology. This is because we plan to support Windows 10 as well, so we don’t want to take advantage of the Windows 11-only Android Subsystem for Windows. It’s not clear how Google plans to bring Android games to Windows, but it does.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if Google Play Games for PC later extends its support to macOS and Linux. All Android games should be able to run natively without APIs and drivers. In other words, that future trip may cost less than your current trip, but with a Windows PC, it’s the system that manages it and rewards the effort.

Google Play Games for PC

Google Play Games for PC

In any case, just one month after the official announcement, the first beta of Google Play Games for PC was released, but it was a closed beta, with restricted access to certain users in certain Asian markets. If so, it wasn’t until August of last year. The service has expanded into new territories and never before has it seemed to achieve international expansion, albeit in a limited way.

If you’re reading this news because you’re interested in this subject, know about Google Play Games for PC. Already testable in the US and Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. These are all countries where the service exists and no, there are no European news or approximate dates.

For the rest, Google Play Games for PC is still very green. Syncing game progress across devices works more or less well, but running about 40 games is barely supported. The requirements for running the application have not changed from the initial information.

Google Play Games for PC

Google Play Games for PC | Image: gHacks

Interested in suggestions for Google Play Games for PC? Unless you’re in one of the specified countries, you’ll have to wait…and no, You can’t fool Google with a VPN, because you have to use a Google account to download the client and that catches you. No one knows when. This 2022 is not.

A priori, this Google Play game for PC doesn’t look like anything special when comparing games on one (Android) platform to another (PC) platform, even though there are a lot of games on both. The Android gaming ecosystem has evolved dramatically in recent years, leaving us with exclusive experiences that have captivated millions.

Meanwhile, Google Play Games for PC, rather than Chromebooks and Chrome OS, will become the norm in the medium term to support running Android applications and games, removing a thorn that should have left the internet giant with its failures. help. Google Stadia. give a stone


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