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Today is Thursday. This means there is a new batch of free games on the Epic Games Store. Like every week, Steam’s competition, the Epic Games PC game store, is offering two of his games for free from its catalog.

Free games of the week Aruba, Mediterranean adventure world Shadow Tactics: General’s BladeAvailable for free on the Epic Games Store until November 17th at 5pm Spain Time.

Two games will replace him the following week, between November 17th and 24th.teeth god of darkness world Evil Dead: The Game.

Free Games Epic Games Store

Free Games Epic Games Store (November 10-17)


Aruba, Mediterranean adventure: A lovely adventure with an ecological message set in a fictional town in eastern Spain called Pinar del Mar (this game is not in Spanish, but from the British ustwo game, creators of Monument Valley). Thing).

A Mediterranean adventure, Alba is played by a young girl who spends the summer in her grandparents’ village, but after seeing animals in danger, she cleans the island’s beaches and fields to save them. decided to work and ecological messages.

Shadow Tactics: General’s Blade: East strategy game is set to Feudal JapanInspired by Commandos style RTS games. A master of stealth and assassination, he controls five unique characters.

Free Games Epic Games Store (November 17-24)


This is EVIL DEAD THE GAME – crazy fun multiplayer!

Evil Dead: The Game: Asymmetrical multiplayer like Dead by Daylight, but featuring characters and monsters from the Evil Dead movies (Infernal Possession), with all the styles of Sam Raimi and the voice of Bruce Campbell.

god of darkness: Another strategy game. This time it’s turn-based. Reminds me a lot of Fire Emblemgameplay with graphics that show the stories and characters they tell, their relationships, and beautiful sprites.

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How to download free games from the Epic Games Store

to get Free games on the Epic Games Store It’s very simple. To do this, enter the online store via the Epic Games Store website, log in, go to the free games section and buy there as usual (€0).

please remember If you ask for them, keep them foreverOf course, you have to claim them within a week: Every Thursday at 5:00 pm (Spanish time), the games offered for free change.


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