Eagles beat Portugal to reach World Cup final


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in the national set Sisters Julieta and Valentina Fernandez, Andrea and Natalia Jara, and Adriana Soto will perform from Mendoza.

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The team led by Dario Giuliani beat the Portuguese team Goals from Julieta Fernandes (2), Valentina Fernandes, Luciana Agudo and Maria Florencia Feramini. Rita Batista has been discounted for Portuguese.

Argentina trained with Annabellas Flores, Maria Florencia Feramini, Luciana Agudo, Julieta Fernández and Adriana Soto.

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The Argentine national team has won all matches played in the current tournament.of In the qualifying stage, they defeated Italy (2-1), Germany (8-0) and Colombia (7-1) to secure Group B.

in the In the quarterfinals, the Eagles overwhelmed France by a 10-1 margin.

Spain is the chosen one They have won the most World Cup titles with seven, followed by Argentina with five.


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